Thread subject: Bottom Line Discipline :: Some personal opinions/feedback

Posted by Sparky on 03-05-2016 04:05

Thanks for your feedback, there are definitely some good ideas here for a future iteration of Corporal A.I.. I like the idea of user specified maximum and minimums in particular. It's very hard to get numbers that are kosher for everyone due to the huge range of spanking styles out there.

As to your questions:

"Will it be the hands or the bum" ought to be something the miscreant was feeling, and the app doesnt seem to cater for it coming back as one or the other, but always a punishment for everything selected in their profile data?

Unless the butt is not enabled in the profile, use of secondary body parts are based on the case having extra circumstances selected (theft, disobedience, etc).

This would be great fun, and an extra element in choosing to set up all the scopes for punishment, much like you set up the spankees profiles. Anyone not wishing to bother would just select random instead of standard. (what do those two do differently now, by the way, I have not worked it out?) I think using a similar screen to spankee profiles for creating an offence and it's standard punishment options would work well and people would get a lot from personalising the game in this way.

Random randomly selects instruments for punishment, while standard will select more age appropriate instruments more often (i.e. - an 18 year old isn't going to be hand spanked).