Thread subject: Bottom Line Discipline :: On the Wall

Posted by mastergoody on 28-11-2015 03:26

I love the senior CP scene, where you have the option of the other recepient waiting in the office as the CP takes place. I always think, that if you choose the lad on the wall to be facing and viewing the cp taking place (as opposed to facing the wall) that the lad on the wall should have some facial expressions as the cp occurs.... these would differ by scenario - for example if the two were enemies and say called in for fighting the boy on the wall might smirk or laugh as the lad bent over gets his punishment, but if they are friends as in the current example, he might grimace at the strokes - in both cases he might on the odd case rub his own backside in anticipation.

Coupled to that, when the lad on the wall has already been cp'd perhaps he would show some signs of discomfort, the odd rubbing, nervous shuffling of the feet, grimacing, a tear in the eye?

I think these additions in the future could make this excellent scene even better.

Likewise following on with regards to reactions - if a lad gets his hands caned, there would be the shaking of hands and grasping the hands together or putting under the pits etc after the punishment finishes.... all possibilities (although tough to achieve perhaps) to make the aftermath of cp much more realistic and authentic.