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Thoughs on new scenes with Hunter
I think the new scenes with Hunter played out well. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more choices for witnesses. I suppose it had to be certain people to work, but I still think that Goodluck looks ugly. The scene would have been better without him. Overall the new software seems to be working well. I found no major bugs.
Yours in Spanking,
Jeremy Grigorovich
Hi there

i can find only two witnesses. Where I can find the third?

Goodluck - gym
Darko - dorms (senior side)
Dylan - classroom
I only found two too, I tried a long time went to every conceivable location, including those listed above and did not find the third!!

I am not keen on the new CP sounds. I preferred the old ones. These ones sound tinny, sometimes have a lot of background crackle and the first stroke never seems to sound.

I have found a few bugs, floating people and smaller people than usual etc, and had a crash, not had time to properly report them yet though
My bad..... I didn't realise you could go round the corner to the senior dorms!! How long have they been there?! lol
My bad..... I didn't realise you could go round the corner to the senior dorms!! How long have they been there?! lol

Almost since the first build Smile

They haven't been used for a main quest until now but I believe on the first day you can find Andre and someone else standing in the corridor commenting 'these are senior dorms'.

Perhaps we'll make it more clear in a future build (in that someone mentions you can go around the hall in game).
I enjoyed it alot, it was pretty cool, Hunter is definitely one of the cuter students, and getting to see someone put up such a fight to get out of it was pretty hot. Of course if something like that happened in real life i'd consider it to be an atrocious violation of their rights, but that's the beauty of fiction! And as someone who loves it when dark shit happens in plots, I have to say, that *thing* that happened to him afterwards with *those* guys to be veeeeeeery fascinating. ^_^
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