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Alpha v17 Series - Release Notes [Latest #2 - 2017-11-20]
--------- v17 #2 ---------

New Campaign Content:
-Storyline continues on Day 4 morning with the anti-crime assembly and Tony CP session (talk to Mr. Gen at the school gate to begin; currently nothing else is available on Day 4 Morning)

Enhancements & Tweaks:
-Alex & Jimmy CP: New mark sets, adjusted paddle size
-Haze CP (Respanker): Added an “End Session” option for (so you don’t need to play through all the boys to quit)
-Holed Paddled: Added the holed paddle to all post tour cp scenes where the normal paddle is available; it’s unlockable in the campaign by finding the holed paddle in school
-Misc: Game will no longer pre-cache a ton of graphics (and possibly freeze for a bit) when doing the dorm inspection with Mr. Taro
-Senior CP: New mark sets; options to switch positions are always visible
-Tutorial: Minor dialog addition mentioning the holed paddle

Bug Fixes:
Senior CP (Respanker): Putting a marked boy in the punishment room corner should no longer crash the game
(Note: Kyle corner marks in the punishment room in re-spanker are disabled in this build until a crash bug is resolved)
Hunter CP: “You’re not sorry” response choice now works

Hunter CP: Assorted spelling and text overrun fixes
Bar Night 2: Text overrun fixed
Taro Office Intro: Text overrun for British background fixed
Senior CP: Silvio corner graphics black line fixed

--------- v17 #1 ---------

New Storyline Content:
Day 3: main storyline continues with new CP session and panels (continues from where the last build left off with Gavin looking for 3 witnesses); Gavin’s sprite has also been scaled for mission maps

New Bonus Content Section:
-Accessible from the previously unused 3rd button on the Discipline Master submenu
-Will feature playable and non-playable bonus content related to the campaign
-Currently includes the old Assembly CP session and the original Discipline Master comic

Bug Fixes:
Day 3 Class: Option to teach class should no longer appear after class has already been taught when clicking on the door
Mr. Taro: Fixed Mr. Taro sprite scaling in school hallway map
Respanker Menu: Clicking “back” should now go back to the Discipline Master submenu and not the main menu

-Chrome key adjustments on Kyle and Silvio sprites

Visual Studio: This is the first build compiled under Visual Studio 2017; we previously were using Visual Studio 2012 for development
Poser: 3D rendered art is now being done under Poser Pro 11 (2015); prior art work was under Poser Pro 2010
Edited by Anchor on 19-11-2017 15:47
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