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ahh, how to find enough witnesses?
how to find enough witnesses
This is where the campaign ends for now.

The storyline will continue in the next build and allow you finish this quest.
I can only find two witnesses: Goodluck (gym) and Dylan Hunter (classroom)
In the gym Alex and Patrick doen´t want to go. In the Classroom Wesley / Jun Wei doen´t want. The only additional person I find in all the rooms is Mr. Taro and he is busy as well.
No other person could be found. My current install version is v 18 #1.
Please help
To find the three witnesses and continue:

1) Dylan is in a classroom off the main corridor
2) Goodluck is in the gym
3) Darko is in the senior dorms (this is one that has thrown people off - you need to go to the dormitories and then turn right at the far end of the corridor to wrap around the senior side; you'll see Darko talking to Justin there)


1) Return to the punishment room door. Talk to Dylan.
2) Go to Mr. Taro's office (on the left side of the main corridor, next to the computer laCool and speak to him
3) Return to the punishment room
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