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Ideas for new scenes - Teacher was spanked
So far, only the DM beat. But the DM could be beaten?

Swim Team A
In my fitness-group, a new coach was spanked by all members.
Like in the swimmteam scene, first the coach gives everyone what he needed (is diced 3-18) and then the coach gets from each 5.

Swim Team B
Here could be a sex scene. The assistant can be fucked by the new coach when he first explained the team.
If the assistant was fucked in the former scene, there is after the team-spanking an extension where the coach is fucked by the assisstant.

Film Scene
Here, too, I find the extensions. Why are only students beaten? The officer and the teacher could also participate in the film.
The officer could beat the teacher at demonstration. The students learn how to use the stick properly.
The student-caner could train on the officer.
And only then the well-known scene, pupil-caner and caned pupil.

Movie Scene 2
Here, the officer could also find a time-controlled caning.
Instead of the button "Spank" there is a field for the number. The number of beats is now randomly controlled.

When the Falaka was introduced, the new teacher could also receive another option. It could be that there is also another option on the offer of Mr. Taro (My plaesure, Another Time). "I would like to know how it feels." Then the number of beats is fixed and the new teacher is treated in the class. Possibly also with 2-5 strokes of each from the class.
Thanks for your ideas and feedback!
Interesting ideas but spanking the teachers would not appeal to the majority I would think.
Yours in Spanking,
Jeremy Grigorovich
That would be pretty cool, I could see that working with the main character, as in the beginning you can say whether or not you've been on the receiving end before, and you're never too old as they say
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