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Old Release Notes
--------- v17 #2 ---------

New Campaign Content:
-Storyline continues on Day 4 morning with the anti-crime assembly and Tony CP session (talk to Mr. Gen at the school gate to begin; currently nothing else is available on Day 4 Morning)

Enhancements & Tweaks:
-Alex & Jimmy CP: New mark sets, adjusted paddle size
-Haze CP (Respanker): Added an “End Session” option for (so you don’t need to play through all the boys to quit)
-Holed Paddled: Added the holed paddle to all post tour cp scenes where the normal paddle is available; it’s unlockable in the campaign by finding the holed paddle in school
-Misc: Game will no longer pre-cache a ton of graphics (and possibly freeze for a bit) when doing the dorm inspection with Mr. Taro
-Senior CP: New mark sets; options to switch positions are always visible
-Tutorial: Minor dialog addition mentioning the holed paddle

Bug Fixes:
Senior CP (Respanker): Putting a marked boy in the punishment room corner should no longer crash the game
(Note: Kyle corner marks in the punishment room in re-spanker are disabled in this build until a crash bug is resolved)
Hunter CP: “You’re not sorry” response choice now works

Hunter CP: Assorted spelling and text overrun fixes
Bar Night 2: Text overrun fixed
Taro Office Intro: Text overrun for British background fixed
Senior CP: Silvio corner graphics black line fixed

--------- v17 #1 ---------

New Storyline Content:
Day 3: main storyline continues with new CP session and panels (continues from where the last build left off with Gavin looking for 3 witnesses); Gavin’s sprite has also been scaled for mission maps

New Bonus Content Section:
-Accessible from the previously unused 3rd button on the Discipline Master submenu
-Will feature playable and non-playable bonus content related to the campaign
-Currently includes the old Assembly CP session and the original Discipline Master comic

Bug Fixes:
Day 3 Class: Option to teach class should no longer appear after class has already been taught when clicking on the door
Mr. Taro: Fixed Mr. Taro sprite scaling in school hallway map
Respanker Menu: Clicking “back” should now go back to the Discipline Master submenu and not the main menu

-Chrome key adjustments on Kyle and Silvio sprites

Visual Studio: This is the first build compiled under Visual Studio 2017; we previously were using Visual Studio 2012 for development
Poser: 3D rendered art is now being done under Poser Pro 11 (2015); prior art work was under Poser Pro 2010


Alpha v16 #2

New Content:
Double Trouble: new cp scene available in respanker (Day 4); note the “Finish Him” position is not implemented yet

Enhanced Content:
Audio: New sound effects for the cane on higher levels (recorded from a Singapore school cane)
Audio: Replaced paddle sounds with an entirely new and better quality set (recorded from several US school type paddles)

Senior CP: Replaced command buttons with ones more clear as to what they do

Bug Fixes:
Ahmed CP: (Falaka): Face in the main window should now change in the desk sitting position


Alpha v16 #1

New Storyline Content:
Day 3:
-New storyline content and cp scene after cping Bin; speak to Dylan in your office to begin (moved the panel at the Headmaster’s office to be after this)

Senior CP: Adjustments to allow DXTCompressed flag to be set on corner graphics; should decrease RAM usage and, for lower end systems, increase performance
CP Mode: Updated cane texture

Misc Changes:
Tutorial: Replaced references to perception meter with new finisher options
Tutorial: Added information about using mouse wheel and button in cp mode
Monitor Selection: Removed references to friend/rival like/hate scales (a general approval meter for each character is planned)

Bug Fixes:
Day 3 – Headmaster’s Office: Fixed icon of the mysterious guy the Headmaster is talking to after Gavin leaves (should clear up some confusion about this scene)
Calvert CP: Fixed issue of being unable ot continue if you cped Calvert at home
Bin CP: Fixed issue of being unable to continue if you choose not to CP Bin
Character Sprites (Adventure Mode): Fixed chroma keys on Anthony and Patrick


Alpha v15 #8

New Storyline Content:
Alex CP: added new finisher options
Calvert CP (Home): added new pre-spanking panels

Bug Fixes:
Calvert CP: letting Calvert go with a warning on the street should work correctly

Alpha v15 #7

Buck CP
-more tools (same as Wesley)

Bug Fixes:

Jimmy Flashback Panel: First two panels should now correctly show Gavin and Travis as speaking the lines
Darko / Senior / Night Hall CP: mouse wheel and middle button should now work correctly
Wesley / Victor CP: unusable instruments should no longer appear in certain positions
Ahmed CP: Commands for switching positions should now display on non-1080p resolutions
Darko CP: Hand button positions should now display on non-1080p resolutions


Alpha v15 #6

CP Mode Enhancements:
-you can now adjust swing strength using the mouse scroll wheel
-you can now execute a spank with the middle mouse button / scroll wheel button
-you can now adjust the swing strength by clicking Tap, Medium, Full and Judicial

Bug Fixes:

Anthony CP:
-auto l/r should now work for thighs

Bin CP:
-fixed various crash issues with marks
-thigh spanking (both left and right) should fully work now
-fixed graphical glitches at the top of his wife beater
-fixed mixed up underwear and underwear only commands
-unusable instruments should no longer appear in certain positions
-after the session you'll be in the office or punishment room

Tony CP:
-Removed unusable paddle from appearing at start up (cane is the only instrument available in this session)

Wesley CP:
-marks should be positioned correctly in standing against the board pose
-instruments are positioned better in standing against the board pose

Wesley / Victor / Bin CP:
-hitting the butt now only counts for butt severity; not global session severity (could cause odd issues like marks on the butt to be drawn when hitting non-butt areas)

Character Sprites (Adventure Mode):
-Alex - chroma key, contrast and color
-Ben - chroma key
-Coach - color and contrast adjustments
-Jock - chroma key, contrast and color walk animation "clouds" removed from several frames
-Professional - minor chroma key fix; adjusted standing eye glasses reflection


Alpha v15 #5

-Alex / Jimmy / Calvert / Senior CP: Fixed issue where the game would forget how severe these session were; would cause issues with scenes/conversation options that needed to know
-Objectives: New objective message should be displayed correctly on non-1080p resolutions
-Bin CP: Fixed some issues with left ping-pong bat not swinging and crashes due to incorrect mark names (note: spanking on the thighs is still a bit unstable, should probably be avoided)


Alpha v15 #4

-Fixes the game crashing when ending Alex CP session


Alpha v15 #3

-Senior & Calvert CP: You can now switch seamlessly between the office and the punishment room in respanker mode
-Respanker: Exiting a respanker session now takes you back to the respanker screen; not the main menu
-CP Engine: All sessions now use the same memory, cache and variable refresh subsystem (should improve stability when playing a long time)

Bug Fixes:
-Dorm Inspection CP (Ahmed/Anthony): Instruments should now be loaded when the sessions begin
-Ahmed CP (Classroom Falaka): Instruments should line up and swing correctly in sitting and laying positions
-Wesley CP: Cane and stick on hands and feet should now line up and swing correctly
-Senior & Nighthall CP: Bottom command window border should draw correctly
-Tony CP: “End Session” command should be displayed now
-Gen Conversation with Hunter: “nothing perverted about” -> “nothing perverted about it”


Alpha v15 #2

Bug Fixes:
-Ahmed CP (Day 2 Classroom Falaka): Finish & Humiliate options should now work


Alpha v15 #1

Updated Features:

Jimmy CP Session: You can now switch seamlessly between office and the punishment room in respanker mode
Ahmed CP (Classroom) Session: More position options
Wesley CP: More tools available
Respanker Menu: Replaced old menu with a graphical one

New Storyline Content:

Day 1:
-Day 1 begins differently; you’ll meet Mr. Taro first before taking the tour with Mr. Gen
-Dormitory Inspection CP with new storyline now integrated into the campaign
-Panels with Jimmy at end of Day 1

Day 3:
-Brief continuation of storyline after cping Bin

Other New Content:
-Tony CP Session in spanker

Bug Fixes:

Save Games:
-Fixed several issues of certain side content not appearing on Day 3 morning if the game was saved and reloaded between Day 2 night and accessing said content on Day 3 morning

Bin CP:
-Fixed mixed up campaign conversation commands for kneeling vs. hands
-Thigh spanking should now function correctly (with ping pong bats) and not crash the game
-Fixed graphical oddity on left shoulder in thigh position
-Fixed instrument alignment problems in hand and feet cp
-Ping-pong bat should now scale correctly on non-1080p resolutions
-Calves and cane buttons should be visible on non-1080p resolutions


Alpha v14 #3

New Storyline Content:

New Storyline CP Session & Panels:
-Storyline continues on Day 3 after Buck/Wesley event with a new cp session; go to your office to start it

Other Storyline Changes:
-Objectives now go until end of the campaign; minor fixes and additions to objectives screen
-Minor conversation tweaks taking into account dates (e.g. - Bob says swim with you Monday; instead of tomorrow (Saturday))

Alpha v14 #2

Bug Fixes:

-Night Hall CP Session: Most issues should be fixed (Justin not spanking, incorrect clothing buttons, etc)
-Victor CP Session: Most issues should be fixed
-Mock Judicial Quest: Fixed bug that allowed the same spanker and spankee to be picked


Alpha v14 #1

New Storyline Content:

Day 3 (Morning):
-New CP Session & Panels: �Classroom CP�

Other Storyline Changes:
-Added more objectives
-Consistency in dialog and event references
-Day 3 morning now flows entirely by itself; you no longer need to avoid clicking on Mr. Taro (he has been removed; dorm inspection cp sessions will be used elsewhere in the campaign later on)

Bug Fixes:

-Night Hall CP Session: Fixed crash relating to background panel drawing when Justin has been asked to help
-Menu: Fixed some highlighting issues in Respanker
-Saved Games: Fixed a crash issue with 0kb save files


Alpha v13 #3

Bug Fixes:

-Tutorial: Fixed Bob�s underwear color
-Day 2 Morning: Fixed issues with Calvert not appearing in the office (and thus cannot advance the plot)
-Day 2 Evening: Fixed the pizzeria door referencing dropped tutor side quest
-Day 3 Morning: Goodluck Gym CP session should now be fully working
-Day 3 Morning: Bob and Ahmed should be back in their uniforms after taking a shower on Day 3
-Day 3 Morning: After speaking to Mr. Taro to advance the plot, all NPCs should be correctly reset
-Day 3 Morning: Chad and Hunter should be placed and scaled correctly in the punishment room
-Day 3 Morning: Fixed issues with Chad/Hunter conversation when telling Hunter what to do

Engine Updates:

-Game will now say it cannot read an incompatible/corrupted save file instead of just crashing
-Game engine will now catch NPCs that somehow get outside of the visible map area; it will throw them where the player is standing; should prevent issues like vanishing Calvert

Text Fixes:
-Day 2 Morning: Ahmed: �piss not in anyplace� -> �not piss everywhere�
-Respanker Menu: Hall, Chad & Goodluck CP texts should highlight correctly


Alpha v13 #2

Hotfix for progression/crash issues during Day 2 shower smoking scene. Also some text issues fixed.


Alpha v13 #1

New Features:

In Game Tablet
-Opened and closed with the shift key
-Includes library with various information, objective screen
-Not completed finished; will be fleshed out and polished over the next few builds

Options Screen
-Choice to save screenshots in JPG or PNG format; default is JPG
-JPGs are a smaller, more common format but are lower in quality
-PNGs are lossless, and in theory should be an exact copy of the screen; however their sizes are much larger
-Option to turn music on/off added (music is not in this build yet, but will be soon; it�s been selected and we are finalizing purchasing the licensing rights this week)

New Storyline Content:

Day 2 (Evening):
-New CP Session & Panels: �Dorm Hallway�

Day 3 (Morning):
-�Populated� before class; several new conversations and encounters
-New CP Session & Panels: �Tourists?�
-New CP Session & Panels: �Gym CP�

Other Storyline Content Changes:

-Jimmy CP Session: Extra dialog frame at the end saying one should meet Mr. Taro

Revised Features:
-Standing pose sprites redone on all boys in adventure mode (should eliminate the �bent knee� look)

CP Mode:
-Auto-switch option in sessions with both cheeks
-Swing strength begins at medium by default

CP Engine:
-New subsystem now handles how finished sessions are purged from memory


Pre-Alpha v12 #3

Bug Fixes:
CP Engine: Fixed more issues with old variables not being purged from sessions (should finally fix this time the �single stroke� bug on Wesley and Buck)
Calvert CP (Home): Butt and back marks should no longer appear when cping the feet
Haze CP: Leftover redness on Jimmy and Darko from earlier CP sessions should now appear correctly
Senior CP (Office & Frame): Fixed issues with the boy in the corner vanishing

Conversation Fixes:
Calvert CP: Pre-CP Conversion On Street: 2nd choice no longer goes outside the box


Pre-Alpha v12 #2

Bug Fixes:
CP Engine: Fixed issues with old variables not being purged from sessions that have 3+ body parts (should fix the �single stroke� bug on Wesley and Buck)
CP Engine: 3D instruments are more explicitly coded not to be drawn on screen if the implement has been sheathed
Darko CP: 3D instruments from earlier sessions should no longer randomly appear on the screen
Darko CP: Double arms should no longer appear when you sheath the implement
Darko CP: Face should no longer change if you hit spank while the instrument was sheathed
Darko CP: Right side marks should now correctly reset if you play the session more than once
Day 1 Morning Adventure: Bob now stands in the correct place in the gym on non-1080p resolutions

Conversation Fixes:
Alex-Bosco Dorm Conversation: Alex now speaks first
Day 3 Inspection Briefing: Panel about the assembly overlap fixed

Other Changes:
Engine: Exit the campaign to menu is temporarily disabled while we revise the underlining code of this feature


Pre-Alpha v12 #1

New Features:

Day 1 Campaign:

-Tutorial: Added new panels explaining corporal punishment mode mechanics
-Storyline Panel: Bob and Calvert�s sparring session in the tutorial
-Storyline Panel: A new scene between the canteen and pizzeria scenes
-Storyline Panel: Bar fight scene

Day 2 Campaign:

-School Morning �Populated�
* School has been �populated� on day 2 in the morning (both before and after class)
* Various people are now around the school during this time; several new conversations

-Storyline Panel: Lunch scene

-Swim Team Practice w/ CP
-New storyline panels and scenes
-New CP session in the lockerroom

-Haze CP: Marks may now appear on Jimmy and Darko when this session begins depending how severely they were cped earlier in the game

Revised Features:

Meeting Justin Conversation: Justin stays in the lockerroom after the conversation (instead of somehow exiting a second time to confront BoCool
Apartment Map: Clicking your bedroom door on Day 1 night now asks if you�d like to go to sleep instead of automatically doing so
Day 2 Morning: You now start at the school gate instead of the corridor
Day 2 Class: After choosing the class monitor, clicking on the classroom door now gives a choice to start class or not, instead of automatically starting

CP Mode Engine: Acceptance meter removed

Bob-Calvert Tutorial: Revised lines before sparring match
Taro Canteen: Slightly revised final line
Leo Pizzeria: Slightly revised dialog about his son
Taro Inspection Briefing: Changed �boilerplate� line
Taro Class: Revised to flow into new lunch scene

Bug Fixes:

Adventure Mode Engine: Resolved issues where some NPCs would be oddly placed because old go-to commands were not being purged
Adventure Mode Engine: Fixed how textures are loaded for characters who do not have walk animations
Choose Monitor (Day 2): Fixed a bug where occasionally Bosco would not be visible on the screen in the office
Choose Monitor (Day 2): Coin toss now works correctly; Calvert will not always win
Default Conversation Responses: Character default response area is now longer; should no longer be any text overlap
School Corridor Bottom Exit: Fixed an issue where cancel choice would not work on non-1080p resolutions


Pre-Alpha v11 #4

New Features:
-Calvert CP: Office + Frame options now integrated into main storyline; he�ll appear in the hallway after the dorm inspection briefing if you opted to punish him in school

Bug Fixes:

-Calvert CP: Pre-Conversation: Letting him off now works correctly; should no longer jump to the line about the sundry shop
-Mock CP: Pre-Conversation: Brian conversation answers should no longer be blank

Dialog Fixes:

-Numerous misc spelling, grammar and overlapping fixes


Pre-Alpha v11 #3

Bug Fixes:
-Mock CP: Pre-Conversation: Choosing Patrick and/or Robert should no longer render final confirmation choice buttons invisible
-Mock CP: Pre-Conversation: Ahmed and Alex questions to Zhou should no longer get mixed up
-Mock CP: Pre-Conversation: Many oddly spaced and/or overlapping questions and responses fixed
-Mock CP: Session: Cane should be ready in position now upon starting
-Dorm Inspection: Pre-Conversation: Suggestion question should now flow correctly back to the top of the conversation tree

Dialog Fixes:
-Numerous misc spelling, grammar and overlapping fixes


Pre-Alpha v11 #2

New Features

Classroom CP:
-Integrated into campaign with new storyline content
-Begins upon your return from the mock judicial quest on Day 3

Day 2 Bar:
-Bar is now open during Day 2 in the evening; new conversation with Bin

Revised Features
-Saving & Loading: Number of game save slots increased from 10 to 20

Bug Fixes:
-Mock CP Actor Search: Brian�s responses to options 2-6 of being the spankee should no longer halt the game


Pre-Alpha v11 #1

New Features

Mock Judicial CP:
-Integrated into campaign with new storyline content
-Begins after talking to Inspector Zhou on Day 3
-Note that the 17th boy, Wesley, is only available in re-spanker mode; he cannot be recruited in the storyline campaign for this quest

Calvert CP: Expanded final choice options in conversation on the street

Storyline: Two New Panel Sets
-First is optional; takes place during the day 1 tour if you go to dormroom #2 (next to Bosco/Alex�s) after Jimmy has been cped, but before you talk to Taro
-Second takes place automatically after the Justin-Yamata bar conversation on the night of day 2

Display: New borderless window mode option
-This allows the game to run in a window, but with the �window� itself not show
-If you use this setting we recommend you set it in options, and then restart the program
-May be some display quirks if you set it and then just continue without restarting

Revised Features:
-Approval/Disapproval Notifications: Redone to be much more visible and obvious
-Day 1 Canteen Dialog: Slight revision of Bob�s line to take into account events of the added panel set
-Loading & Saving Screens: Cleaner, easier to read dates and times for save files

Bug Fixes:
-Day 1 Dorm Hallway 2: Goodluck and Andre should now be scaled correctly
-Day 2 Class: Fixed several issues where class would repeat itself if you re-entered the classroom after class was finished
-Loading & Saving Screens: Fixed several issues with names vanishing after being clicked and yellow text incorrectly used
-Saving Screen: Overwrite warning should now be displayed correctly on non-1080p resolutions
-CP Mode: Position dialog command outline box should now be displayed correctly on non-1080p resolutions
-Alex-Gen Office Conversation: Player character should now be in the correct position and visible prior to Gen coming in
-Swim Team Meeting: �Bob�s very yellow� line now correctly shows Calvert as speaking it

Dialog Fixes:
-Many conversations have been checked and fixed for overlapping text and odd formatting

Pre-Alpha v10 #8

Other Changes:
-Dorm CP: Increased severity
-Screenshots: Can now be taken anywhere, anytime (including menus)
-Opening Cutscene: You can skip the cutscene anytime by pressing the escape key

Bug Fixes:
-CP Mode (Non-1920x1080 Resolutions): Many invisible/inaccurately drawn command buttons in Class CP, Dorm CP, Calvert Office, Assembly CP, Ahmed CP, and Mock Judicial sessions fixed

Pre-Alpha v10 #7

Bug Fixes:
-Dorm CP (Anthony): Thigh spanking crashes should be resolved
Pre-Alpha v10 #6

New Features:

-Dorm CP: Anthony & Ahmed
-Available only respanker for now
-Traditional desk paddling for Ahmed; wheelbarrow & thigh beating for Anthony with ping-pong bat
-In the campaign this session will be Mr. Taro doing the beating

Other Changes:
-Tweaked acceptance meter for classroom CP scene

Bug Fixes:
-Inspector Zhou should now tell you the campaign content is over

Pre-Alpha v10 #5

New Features:

-CP Mode Facial Reactions
-Facial reactions added in for all corporal punishment sessions
-Reactions will also change in the main window for positions where the spankee�s face is fully visible (happens in hand cp sessions at the moment)
-We�ll be tweaking timing of individual reactions a bit over the next couples build (e.g. � breaking point to cry)

Pre-Alpha v10 #4

Bug Fixes:
-Classroom CP (Wesley): Standing position should no longer crash the game in when some marks are applied

Pre-Alpha v10 #3

New Features:

-Opening Cutscene / Conversations
-Due to a limitation in the media playback module we currently use, videos are encoded at a max of 1280x720; should be replaced eventually
-Currently no audio with the video; sound effects/voiceovers will be added over time
-Separate option for starting a new game while skipping the cutscene added

Other Changes:
-CP Mode: You can now change positions/tools/clothes/etc when you�ve maxed out the severity or excessive meters (ideal for making final screenshots or checking out damage at the end)

Bug Fixes:
-Calvert CP (Apartment): Shirt will automatically come off when switching to back flogging; also now impossible to put it back on when still in position for it.
-Calvert CP (Apartment): Instruments should now be in the correct starting positions when switching between positions for cping the buttocks
-Calvert CP (Office) & Classroom CP: Marks on the butt should no longer appear as a result of bastinado or hand beating
-Classroom CP (Wesley): Standing position should no longer crash the game if 13th mark graphic is used
-CP Mode: Level 8 severity swing strength should now play sound correctly
-CP Mode: Excessive meter should now work correctly

Pre-Alpha v10 #2

New Features:

-Classroom CP Session:
-Accessible only in respanker for now
-Can cp the buttocks, feet and hands
-Can cp Wesley or Buck (new characters who will be introduced in campaign soon)

-CP Mode: Buttons added for holed paddle and teaching stick

-Calvert CP (Apartment): New set of marks for the paddle

Engine Changes:
-CP Mode: Marks should be a bit more in sync (as to where they are drawn) when changing positions

Other Changes:
-Calvert CP (Apartment): Instrument speed and swings tweaked
-Gavin CP: Instrument speed and swings tweaked

Bug Fixes:
-Calvert CP (Apartment): Back marks should no longer appear in bastinado or hand cp positions
-Calvert CP (Apartment): Back marks should be drawn correctly on back
-Calvert CP (Apartment): Fixed several issues related to marks on the buttocks
-Calvert CP (Office): Hand & Bastinado CP should no longer cause a single mark to be drawn over and over again on the buttocks
-Calvert CP (Office & Frame): Acceptance meter removed (as it�s unused in this session)


Pre-Alpha v10 #1

New Features

-Calvert CP Session (Office)
-Accessible only in respanker for now
-Can cp the buttocks, feet and hands

-Calvert CP Session (Frame)
-Accessible only in respanker for now
-Standard frame session for buttocks

-Assembly CP Session
-Accessible only in respanker for now
-Similar format to the mock judicial session; you can cycle through the boys

-School Pointer (replaced cane in Ahmed CP session)
-Hairbrush (added; but not used anywhere yet)
-Ping Pong Bat (added; but not used anywhere yet)
-Holed School Paddle (replaces standard paddle in Gavin and Haze CP Sessions)
-Haigang Misery Stick (added; but not used anywhere yet; will be added into revised Calvert CP in future build)

-Clear RAM Debug Feature (Experimental)
-Activated by pressing the F12 key; you�ll hear a sound
-Clears all RAM the game is using and reloads only what is needed in the current scene (may freeze temporarily if it�s a lot to load and/or you have slow machine)
-In CP sessions you may need to manually reload instruments (click their buttons)

Other Changes:
-Teaching Building Map: You can now also exit the map by walking southward down the hallway to the edge (as some NPCs do)
-Screenshots: You will hear a beep when a screenshot has been successfully taken

Bug Fixes
-Screenshots: Fixed an issue where sometimes two or more of the same screenshot would appear instead of one
-Save Games & Resolutions: Games saved under one resolution should no longer cause any issues when later loaded under a different resolution


Pre-Alpha v9 - Unstable #7

New Features:
-You can now quit the campaign and return to the main menu without completely exiting the game

Bug Fixes:
-Mock Judicial CP: Marks on Darko adjusted
-Calvert CP: Marks adjusted; still some more issues to be resolved in the next build

Other Changes:
-Version, company, copyright info, etc is now embedded in the game executable file

Pre-Alpha v9 - Unstable #6

New Features:

Mock Judicial Caning Corporal Punishment Session
-Accessible only in re-spanker mode; will be integrated into the main campaign soon
-Judicial-style caning w/ restraints in Haigang�s Changi Prison
-17 boys available to choose from
-Default boy is Anthony; you can cycle through the boys available using the commands
-Switching boys will reset the session severity, marks, etc

Pre-Alpha v9 - Unstable #5

Bug Fixes
-Fullscreen/windowed setting should now save and load correctly
-CP Mode: Body part buttons should no longer be invisible when playing at non-1920x1080 resolutions
-Jimmy CP (Frame): Picking the response of �Better get used to it� no longer skips the panel for clothing choices
-Senior CP: Boys should no longer reappear in your office (thus starting the scene over) if you punished them in the punishment room
-Senior CP (Office; Re-Spanker Mode): Invisible, but still functional, button for switching from office to punishment room removed

Other Changes:
-Touchup to background art in Jimmy CP session (frame) in underwear
-Eric conversation and class face photos replaced with ones that aren�t stretched
-Senior CP (Frame): Replaced pre-spanking conversation option of �Shirts off� with �Shorts on � keep your shirts off�; makes more sense because the boys already start in underwear and a t-shirt
-Many spelling, grammar, color code and text related fixes

Pre-Alpha v9 - Unstable #4

New Features

-Calvert CP:
-Removed acceptance meter (as this is not a school cp session)
-Increased maximum severity significantly
-Hand CP is now functional
-Feet & hands now count towards overall severity

Bug Fixes

-Calvert CP:
-Marks on back in the back flogging position should now be drawn correctly
-Cane should now be in place correctly when switching to back flogging position
-Removed buttons in situations where they cannot be used (e.g. � button to get fully dressed in back flogging position)

-Bosco & Gen Hallway Conversation: When playing at a non-1920x1080 resolution Bosco now correctly walks in, turns forward and walks a few steps as he should instead of just walking in and stopping

Pre-Alpha v9 - Unstable #3

New Features

-Storyline Elements Added
-Day 3 storyline elements have been added after the Calvert CP session
-These are mostly conversation outlines with actual events to be added in later

-New Display Resolutions: 1024x576, 1280x720, 1366x768 and 1600x900 now available
-Please report any graphical oddities or other issues, no matter how small

Engine Changes
-Conversations: It�s no longer possible to click on invisible buttons when conversations are minimized with tab

Other Changes:
-Apartment Map: You can exit your apartment and go back outside
-Justin Conversation (Day 2 � After Hazing): Conversation now automatically starts after the hazing session

Bug Fixes
-Collision Detection (Low Res Mode): Player character should no longer walk-in-place animate when hitting certain walls

Pre-Alpha v9 - Unstable #2

New Features
-Approval/Disapproval Notifications: Now fully implemented for all conversations

Engine Changes
-Notification Messages: Are now reset outside of adventure mode (so they don�t remain stuck on the screen if you switch to CP mode before they are reset)
-Maps: DXT Compressed Flag is now correctly set on all maps (should reduce the download size a little; as well as RAM usage in game)

Other Changes:
-CP Mode: Body buttons are now consistently shown or not shown across all sessions (e.g. � butt button is displayed even if it�s the only choice)

Bug Fixes
-Calvert CP Conversation: Calvert�s responses to �as long as you�re on top of things� and �now you are Bob?� should no longer crash the game
-Calvert CP Conversation: Conversation should no longer reset after the CP session
-Calvert CP: Various crashes fixed (mostly related to non-existent marks attempting to be drawn)
-Senior CP: Marks should now be drawn correctly for the boy in the corner
-Swim Practice Conversation: Choice of �Not Today� should now be selectable on the panel of �Bob�s very yellow coach!�
-Loading Screen: Fixed issues of certain save slots text being displayed in the wrong location on the screen when clicked

Dialog Fixes
-Pre-Hazing Conversation (Day 2): �Do what the captain tells you� line should wrap correctly now

Pre-Alpha v9 - Unstable #1

New Features

-Storyline Continues
-Main storyline continues after the Senior CP or Japanese Class (depending which order you completed them)
-Ends after Calvert CP for now

-Haze CP Session
-Starts after talking to Justin in the lockerroom on Day 2
-Note that the paddle is a placeholder will be replaced soon with a holed one
-Story panels to be added

-Calvert CP Session
-Starts after you encounter Calvert on the evening of Day 2
-Marks for feet & hands at not yet enabled
-Instruments are placeholders; we will be adding in a couple new ones soon
-After panels to be added

-Approval Notifications
-When interacting with boys you�ll receive on screen notifications of their approval or disapproval to what you said or did
-Approval/disapproval will tie directly into your Friendship/Rivalry and Like/Hate meters with each boy
-Not all choices will result in a notification; no notification means the boy is neutral or doesn�t take what you said too seriously either way
-Not yet finished being implemented for all conversations yet

-Piracy Warning / Notification Screen
-Appears before main menu
-Can be disabled in settings

-Revised Settings Screen
-Settings are now saved between gameplay sessions
-Added option for enabling/disabling piracy warning screen
-Added option enabling/disabling debug text (map numbers, instrument coordinates); the default is disabled
-Added option for how future cutscenes will be played; high resolution or low resolution
-Most PCs should be able to playback cutscenes in high res; some older low end machines may need to use low res if playback is choppy or freezes
-Game will auto-detect if the game resolution saved in settings exceeds the monitor capabilities and lower the resolution according
-This is really only relevant for those who play the game on multiple computers (with different monitor resolutions) using the same save files

-Hide Conversation Window
-When in conversation (in both adventure and panel views) the conversation window can be hidden/unhidden using the TAB key
-Note that the conversation can still progress invisibly if you�ve hidden the window and click where a response would be
-Added a note in the tutorial about this

Other Changes:
-Jimmy Pre-CP Conversation: Chance to change your mind and CP Jimmy if you first selected warning

Bug Fixes
-Re-Spanker Screen: Clicking outside the buttons should no longer cause the loading screen to appear

Dialog Fixes
-Tutorial: �had better ready� -> �had better get ready�


Pre-Alpha v8 Unstable Build #1

New Features
-Senior CP Session (Punishment Room)
-Now integrated into the campaign (and also selectable in re-spanker mode)
-Starts after the Japanese class/Ahmed bastinado session
-Has received a number of bug fixes and tweaks

Bug Fixes
-Resolutions: Should no longer be possible to force the game into high res mode (thus cutting off much of the screen) when the monitor doesn�t support it

Bug Fixes (Low Res Mode Specific):
-Maps with foregrounds (Office, Classroom, Canteen, etc) should now be drawn with the foreground correctly behind or front in of the character
-Mini-Conversation/Notification Bar no longer placed too far to the right
-Player character should appear in correct location in the hallway if you cped Jimmy in the punishment room

Dialog Fixes
-Alex-Bosco Dorm Conversation: Alex now says (of Bosco): �That just means he gets whipped twice as bad when he does get whipped.�
-Senior CP Pre-Conversation: Response choices should all be the same when both viewing and on mouse over (some had slight differences in wording)


Pre-Alpha v6 Unstable Build #2

Bug Fixes
-Tutorial: Should once again be playable and not crash at launch


Pre-Alpha v6 Unstable Build #1

New Features
-New Scene & Bastinado Session
-After the senior CP session you�ll get a text from DDM Taro
-Leads into a new scene and potential bastinado cp session
-Bastinado session also available in stand-alone mode

Bug Fixes
-CP Engine: Sheath instrument button should now work when the session is maxed out
-Jimmy CP After: Jimmy should no longer say he has to get dressed when he is in fact already dressed
-Jimmy CP After: If you opted to punished Jimmy in the punishment room; you�ll now encounter Bob in the hallway once you finish Jimmy�s session
-Senior CP Before: Silvio and Kyle should no longer spin out the office door and make it impossible to progress (would happen or not depending on how you ended class)

Dialog Fixes
-Choose The Monitor: �What do I owe the pleasure� -> �To what do I owe the pleasure�


Pre-Alpha #5 - Release 2015-2-14

New Features
-Alex CP: After session conversation and panels added
-Jimmy CP: After session conversations completed + panels added for office
-Day 2 Class: Student bored/interested meters now implemented

Bug Fixes
-Doors: It is no longer possible to open doors while in conversation
-Lockerroom: Collision detection should now be working on left and bottom walls
-Senior CP: No instrument button should now work when Kyle is up
-Jimmy CP After: Bob should now respond correctly to the choice of �Just having a chat�
-Jimmy CP After: Jimmy should now mention he needs to get dressed if he is less than fully clothed when Bob says �let�s go�
-Bob Hallway Conversation: Name now says Bosco before your character realizes he isn�t Bosco

Bug Fixes - Low Res Mode:
Gavin CP After: Boys are scale correctly in the lockerroom

Other Changes
-Jimmy CP After: If you opted to punished Jimmy in the punishment room; you�ll now encounter Bob in the hallway once you finish Jimmy�s session
-Gen Punishment Room Conversation: States that punishment room is soundproof

Dialog Fixes
-Calvert / Darko Conversation: �Your our new coach� -> �You�re our new coach�
�Your Canadian� -> �You�re Canadian�


Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #8

New Features
-Classroom 8-2, Computer Room and Taro�s Office Maps (open starting from day 2)
-Taro should be in his office; Bob and Dylan in classroom 8-2
-Character names now displayed when in conversation
-Button to sheath instruments during cp sessions

Bug Fixes
-Classroom Self-Introduction: �Texas� response option removed to the question of �Can you speak French then?� if character is Canadian
-Senior CP: Maxing out Silvio or Kyle�s meter no longer prevents using the CP mode commands (including switching spankees)
-Alex Pre-CP Conversation: Ordering Alex to strip naked no longer results in the conversation skipping the position and instrument questions

Other Changes
-Classroom 8-1 blackboard writing for day 2 added
-Unused door removed from school hallway map


Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #7

Bug Fixes
-Alex / Jimmy Pre-CP Conversations: Hands on knees / go over the chair commands now correspond correctly to what position Alex is in when you start the CP session
-Alex CP / Jimmy CP: Ending a session with a severity rating of exactly 4.0 (usually obtained by 3 judicial strength strokes) is no longer calculated by the game as no-cp having occurred
-Alex CP: When switching back and forth instruments in the kneeling position, cane no should no longer appear in the wrong starting place
-CP Sessions in Office & Punishment Room: Issues of the player character re-appearing outside of the room bounds (and hence much smaller) after a CP session should no longer occur
-Bosco / Calvert Monitor Selection: Bosco should always be there
-Senior CP: Buttons should no longer vanish for Kyle when you�ve maxed out Silvio
-Senior CP: Silvio should now wait outside if you�ve told him to do so
-Senior CP: Swapping spankees for the first time during the session in campaign mode should no longer cause clothing to change
-Player�s Flat: Door icon should now appear on bedroom door mouse over

Dialog Fixes
-Calvert-Darko Pool Conversation: �What?1?� -> �What?!?�
-Jimmy Pre-CP Conversation: �ndemerits� -> �demerits�

Other Changes
-Fullscreen mode option disabled when playing in low-resolution mode for now while we resolve some issues

Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #6

New Features

-Low Resolution Mode
-Runs at 960x540 resolution
-We plan to add other low resolutions in time; 960x540 we started with as it is an exact 3/4ths downscale
-Can be manually toggled in the config menu if you are running in high resolution mode

-Resolution / Fullscreen Detection
-Display resolutions <1920x1080 automatically sets the game to low resolution windowed mode
-Display resolution of exactly 1920x1080 automatically sets the game to high resolution full screen mode
-Display resolutions >1920x1080 automatically sets the game to high resolution windowed mode

Known Issues

-Save games should be used strictly in one resolution mode (e.g. � save game created in high resolution mode should only be used in high resolution games)
-Loading saves from a different resolution may result in oddities and issues
-Some small kinks still to work out in the campaign mode when in low resolution; but generally should be playable from start to end

Yes � we know the small text may be hard to read for some. This will not change, but we will be adding other �higher� low resolutions (like 1280x720) in time.


Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #5

Bug Fixes
-Senior CP: Kyle should no longer keep his uniform jacket on when he should be naked
-Senior CP: Silvio�s corner marks should now display correctly
-Senior CP: Game should no longer crash if Silvio has less marks than Kyle and you switch Silvio into the corner
-Senior CP: Marks should no longer appear �on the front� the boy in the corner when he is facing you
-Senior CP: Moving spankee to corner (and vice versa) will respect the clothing states of each boy (each boy�s clothing states for spankee/corner roles are separate rather than for both together)
-Senior CP: Silvio no longer leaves the room if you just told Kyle to go first
-Day 2 Class: Game should no longer crash when response of �played a lot of video games� is chosen during player�s introduction
-Campaign Day 1: Bob should be waiting in the gym after you�ve spoken to Justin for the first time as oppose to walking in; he also won�t vanish if you leave the gym without first talking to him

Dialog Fixes
-Gen Classroom Conversation: �All in all they a monitor� -> �All in all a monitor candidate�
-Yamata-Justin Cutscene: �Than not just a businessman� -> �Then not just a businessman�
-Jimmy Hallway Conversation: �And at you school?� �> �And at your school?� | �talking by� -> �walking by�

Other Changes
Senior CP: Disabled switching to the punishment room; this will be enabled again after some fixes and integration into the main campaign is complete


Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #4

New Content
-Story continues after the bar fight
-Conversation after the bar fight
-Conversation story cutscene after you go to bed (Note: click the bedroom door in your flat to go to sleep and advance)

-Selection of the Class Monitor
-Bosco or Calvert
-Quite a few conversation paths

-Senior CP session: is now nearly feature complete and fully integrated into the campaign
-marks for the boy in cornertime added
-marks on Kyle should be drawn in the right places now
-misc fixes with states of dress
-misc fixes for commands
-each boy now has separate severity and acceptance meters; if you max them out for one you can still beat the other
Note: If you opt to tell them to report to the punishment room after lunch you�ll need to wait until the next build that has the Day 2 afternoon parts of the campaign ready

Other Changes
-Screenshots (taken w/ PrintScreen key): several enhancements
-They are saved now in a new folder called �Screenshots� located in the main game directory
-File names now named based on the date/time when they are created
-Overwriting should no longer happen (now that each screenshot file name is unique)

Misc Dialog Changes
-Updated and clearer references to content and events that will be added in parts of the game already in
-References to school straps have been changed to paddles
-Consistency in dialog when mentioning grade levels (junior / senior high, university, etc)

Bug Fixes
-Bob/Calvert hallway conversation (tutorial): Calvert should now give the correct responses for the first interactive choices
-Rare game freeze/crash when attempting to save
-Jimmy is now scaled correctly in the office
-Menu board in the canteen no longer shows Day 1�s menu on Day 2


Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #3

Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #3 is out today. Please note that old saved games are incompatible with this version.

For the last couple weeks we�ve been mainly working on underlying code, event scripting and 3D renders for stuff to be added in the near future.

So, as a result, there are very few visible changes in this build. Nonetheless we wanted to get something out to you.

New Features:

-Senior CP session is now partially integrated into the main campaign; more parts to be added

-In game screenshots can be taken with the �Print Screen� key
-Should work in both windowed and full screen mode
-Screenshots are deposited in the Discipline Master game folder
-Slightly buggy at the moment� hopefully flesh this feature out more soon

No other visible user side changes or fixes at this time.


Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #2

Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #2 is out today. This build mostly to fixes bugs.

Bug Fixes

-Senior CP session: crashes when switching clothes/positions should on longer occur (file names should now be all correct in code)
-Senior CP session: punishment room boy in corner should now be in the right position on screen (was covering the command area before)
-Senior CP session: punishment room the same boy should no longer be getting and spanked and be in the corner simultaneously
-Senior CP session: punishment room instruments should be lined up better (you may need to click the instrument button for it to reset to the correct position after changing rooms)
-Day 1 Teaching Scene: Ahmed�s American dream question should no longer overlap

Other Changes:

-Tutorial now mentions the in game menu can be both opened and closed with the ESC key
-Keith Richards is now known as Keith Ritchie

No other visible user side changes or fixes at this time.


Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #1

Pre-Alpha v4 Unstable Build #1 is out today.

New Content

-Day 2 Classroom Teaching Event (accessible in the campaign after you talk to Bob at your flat)
-Day 2 Senior CP Session (accessible only from Re-Spanker mode right now)


Pre-Alpha #3 - Release 2014-11-23

New Features
-New Player Tutorial
-Play as Bob in a tutorial that teaches some of the basic game mechanics
-New CP scene
-Practice fight scene is not yet implemented, but tutorial is more or less otherwise complete
-Option to skip it when you create a new game (it�s on the final character creation screen)
-Loading Screen
-Loading screens should appear at loading points in the game

Bug Fixes:
-Alex CP Session: Gen should no longer think you didn�t CP Alex if you only gave him a few licks and didn�t cause the severity meter to increase any
-Saving / Loading: Numerous fixes and significant reliability improvements; issues with certain graphics not displaying when opening from a saved game have also been resolved

Engine Changes:
-More changes and tweaks to improve how game assets are loaded/unloaded in RAM

Dialog Changes:
Taro Canteen Conversation: Minor dialog revisions to take into account events of the tutorial

Menu Changes:
-Respanker submenu now accessible from the campaign screen; stand-alone cp scenes have been moved here
-DLC screen now accessible from the main menu screen; currently empty as there is no DLC, but will be used in the future


Pre-Alpha #2.1.1 - Release 2014-11-11

We have a new build out today. This build is largely for improving the save/load feature and fixing some bugs.

Saving & Loading:

-Now are proper loading and saving screens
-Games are saved from the drop down menu when in game; can be saved anywhere except when in CP Mode
-Games are loaded from the main menu, campaign screen
-10 slots total, plus a currently inactivated autosave slot
-Save games names are the date & time it was saved

Bug Fixes:

-Jimmy CP Session: marks should now appear on his body correctly in over the desk and standing positions
-Nightwatch Bar: following the not-yet-implemented fight scene, the door should automatically lock behind you
-Resolved some issues of the game crashing after it had supposedly already exited

Engine Changes:

-Some changes to improve how game assets are loaded/unloaded in RAM

Pre-Alpha #2 - Release 2014-11-6

New Features:

-Jimmy Corporal Punishment Session
-Can be accessed both in the campaign and as stand-alone from the main menu
-Quite a few conversation paths with him� so be sure to try more than one!
-Has been significantly revised storyline and dialog wise versus in the prologue

-Saving & Loading Feature
-We�ve introduced a rudimentary save and loading feature
-Currently it�s only accessible by keyboard commands; we will integrate it into the GUI hopefully for the next major build

How to use it:
-There are 6 save slots; the first key saves the game into that save; the second key loads from that slot
-Slot 1 � F1 & F2
-Slot 2 � F3 & F4
-Slot 3 � F5 & F6
-Slot 4 � F7 & F8
-Slot 5 � F9 & F10
-Slot 6 � F11 & F12

-You should �only- save and load from within the campaign game� and not during a corporal punishment session� otherwise results may be strange

Bug Fixes:
-CP mode commands shouldn�t appear when playing the campaign if you had played a stand alone cp session earlier
-DM office door should now work correctly all the time (instead of sometimes throwing you back across the office)

Dialog Fixes:
-Dark-Calvert: Overlapping issues

Removed Features:
-�Skipping Ahead� keys; made kind of redundant now that we have saving and loading

Known Issues:
-Bob does not appear at the end of Jimmy�s CP session despite him speaking (New - we will be adding some stuff to the end both Jimmy & Alex�s sessions probably in the next build)
-CP marks sometimes drawn �out of the lines� (New)
-Character animation speeds are not fully optimized on all maps
-Having your display setting larger than 100% maybe result in the game graphics becoming abnormally sized and controls nonresponsive; to check your display setting right click on the deskop and pick screen resolution, then pick �make text and other items larger or smaller�
-NPCs will not face you when speaking
-You can use doors from across the room (this is to make testing easier; will likely be changed for the final version)
-When you hit create character there may be a long pause of 10-30 seconds (depending on your PC) where it appears the game has frozen; it has not� rather it is loading all of the game graphics and other files � we�ll eventually add a loading screen there

Pre-Alpha #1.1 - Release 2014-10-29

We have a new build out today that fixes some bugs in yesterday�s release.

Also, perhaps more importantly, it changes the way the corporal punishment mode graphics are loaded which should massively reduce RAM usage during game play. This is should prevent any crashes due to out of memory errors.

Bug Fixes:
-Alex CP Session: you are now given the correct choice of instrument that you tell Mr. Gen
-Alex CP Session: cane should no longer disappear in bent over the chair position
-Alex CP Session: severity/acceptance meters should no longer vanish once maxed out
-Bosco/Alex Dorm Conversation: dialog should no longer overlap/go out of bounds in some places
-Gym Map: Justin�s sprite size reduced (he should no longer be taller than the player)
-Leo�s Pizzeria Conversation: �next� is rendered on the correct button

Dialog Fixes:
-Gen Office Conversation: latter positions -> later position
-Gen Office Conversation 2: �get a to meeting� -> �to go to a meeting�

Engine Changes:
-Game now only preloads graphics up to the Alex CP session (this should speed up new game loading)
-Game unloads graphics no longer used after Alex CP session and loads new ones
-DXTCompressed flag is set on corporal punishment mode graphics files; this should significantly reduce RAM usage during game play as well reduce download size a bit

Pre-Alpha #1 - Release 2014-10-28


A lot of tweaking is still needed but all in all the cp sub engine is now functional!

-First corporal punishment scene of Alex in your office is implemented
-it�s accessible both in the campaign and stand-alone from the main menu
-paddle is standing in for the strap (we�re working on the 3D strap model)
-facial reactions are not yet implemented (ideally in the next major build)

-How to spank
-Set your swing strength directly on the panel (swing strength fully unlocked for testing)
-Click �Spank� to apply the stroke
-Instruments can be switched at any time
-Positions and states of dress can also be switched at any time
-Light to Extreme meter is the same as in DM: Prologue
-Easy to Excessive meter is new� it determines how many strokes (irrespective of swing strength) are acceptable in a particular situation

-Don�t like how the instruments are placed when they start and finished?
-Instruments are 3D objects can be directly manipulated in X, Y and Z space
-If you don�t agree with our starting/ending coordinates you can maybe suggest better ones
-To move the instruments:
Q+W moves the instrument on the X axis
A+S moves the instrument on the Y axis
Z+X moves the instrument on the Z axis
O+P changes the instrument�s X rotation
K+L changes the instrument�s Y rotation
N+M changes the instrument�s Z rotation
-Instrument coordinates are displayed in red on the top right when in CP model� setup the tools as you like then make a note of the numbers

What�s Else Is New In Discipline Master Pre-Alpha #1

Shortcuts Keys:
-To make testing easier we�ve implemented two shortcut keys in the campaign:
F1: Skips to after the Alex CP scene (assumes Alex was cped moderately)
F2: Skips to the pizzeria scene

If there are other spots you feel having a shortcut key would be convenient for please let us know.

-Audio Mute/Unmute buttons are now functional (now that there is some sound in cp mode)

Bug Fixes:
-All charming/sarcastic dialog choices are now uniformly cyan blue
-Bosco/Alex dorm conversation: "do you have a wife/girlfriend" topic of conversation should now work correctly
-Darko/Calvert pool conversation: several progression and text issues
-Justin lockerroom conversation: correct first response choices now displayed

Known Issues:
-Character animation speeds are not fully optimized on all maps
-Having your display setting larger than 100% maybe result in the game graphics becoming abnormally sized and controls nonresponsive; to check your display setting right click on the deskop and pick screen resolution, then pick �make text and other items larger or smaller�
-NPCs will not face you when speaking
-You can use doors from across the room (this is to make testing easier; will likely be changed for the final version)
-When you hit create character there may be a long pause of 10-30 seconds (depending on your PC) where it appears the game has frozen; it has not� rather it is loading all of the game graphics and other files � we�ll eventually add a loading screen there

Adventure Mode Tech Demo #2 - Release 2014-10-3

We have a new build, Adventure Mode Engine Test #2, out for you to play with and test today.

What�s New Adventure Mode Engine Test #2
-More people to talk to and interact!
-Two new scenes at the end
-A few new areas
-Arrow keys can now be used for movement
-A lot of �under the hood� enhancements; we�ve tightened up and streamlined a lot of game engine code� this really won�t be noticeable to you, but will help us going forward with development

Bug Fixes:
-Justin will not appear in the lockerroom until you�ve talked to Bob in the teaching room hallwaty
-Collision detection should be working on the pool and dorm maps
-When ending a conversation characters should no longer automatically and instantly respond to you with their default reply (as if you had clicked them again)
-Misc dialog fixes

Known Issues:
-Character animation speeds are not fully optimized on all maps
-Having your display setting larger than 100% maybe result in the game graphics becoming abnormally sized and controls nonresponsive; to check your display setting right click on the deskop and pick screen resolution, then pick �make text and other items larger or smaller�
-NPCs will not face you when speaking
-You can use doors from across the room (this is to make testing easier; will likely be changed for the final version)
-When you hit create character there may be a long pause of 10-30 seconds (depending on your PC) where it appears the game has frozen; it has not� rather it is loading all of the game graphics and other files � we�ll eventually add a loading screen there

1280x720 Resolution:
While we had hoped to have a low resolution ready for this release� it is not quite ready for prime time yet. Maybe in the next major build.

Reporting In
-Please report all crashes, feedback and ideas to the Discipline Master subforums on the Bottom Line Discipline website. We ask that you report to the website so that other testers may benefit from your feedback. If you must - you can report things to me privately via e-mail.

For this test release feedback on the following topics is highly desired:
-Controls (How easy you find the game to control, etc)
-Animation (Smooth or rough on your system, etc)
-Loading Times
-Monitor Resolution Issues
-Fullscreen Play
-Any Out of Memory Error Crashes

Adventure Mode Tech Demo - Release 2014-9-8

Since the reset of development back in March we�ve been hard at work building a game engine suitable for our vision of Discipline Master.

Our new engine consists of three sub-engines, each for a different mode of play:
-Adventure M
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